bath bombs on a bathtub

Do Bath Bombs Stain Your Tub?

Whilst the growing use of bath bombs is testament to their widespread appeal, people often ponder whether these fizzy delights are going to stain their bathtub. Some of them even claim to have noticed a faint ring of color left behind on the tub upon emptying their colorful bath water. Can this really happen and is this dangerous for your tub?

How do bath bomb ingredients interact with a tub?

To understand if a bath bomb is likely to leave a temporary mark on your tub, it’s beneficial to first know what ingredients are in the product you’ve purchased.

Many bath bombs contain surfactants that help to remove any excess residue that is left behind from the bath bomb. Surfactants are made up of emulsifiers and detergents that will naturally break down the components of the bath bomb. As in all cases though, every bath should be followed by a gentle rinsing of the tub.

As well as surfactants, bath bombs are made up of a combination of citric acid, baking soda, colours (both natural and artificial) and a mixture of plant oils and essential oils. There are also extra fancy bath bombs marketed with anything from petals to glitter.

Any ingredients that don’t wash down the plug after you empty your bath – such as glitter, can either be wiped up and collected (to be disposed how you see fit) or rinsed down the plug during the cleaning process. If you are worried about any environmental impacts, there are environmentally-friendly bath bombs that you can purchase with all-natural ingredients.

The baking soda that is contained in the bath bomb certainly won’t leave behind any residue or marks on your tub. Baking soda is, after all, often used on its own as a cleaning agent.

It’s the oils and natural color pigments in a bath bomb that can leave a mark or colored ring on the tub. This will depend on both the type of bath bomb you select and the bath’s surface material. Colorants in the bath bomb may be more likely to cling to different bath surfaces. This could include materials such as fiberglass without an acrylic coat, or porcelain without a shiny coat.

Do bath bombs really stain the tub?

The numerous online reviews allow to conclude that bath bombs do not stain the tub. Although some of them can leave a slight residue around your tub after draining, it can be easily removed with a quick rinse.

How to prevent possible stains from bath bombs?

It is important to always properly rinse your tub with clean, warm water after you have finished your bath. This will help to prevent any residue from forming on the surface of the tub and making it more difficult to clean in the future. And as with all products, its’s best to purchase bath bombs from a trusted supplier that uses all-natural ingredients.

Before you let the idea of having to clean your bath put you off purchasing your next bath bomb, keep in mind that the cleaning process should be quick and easy.

Depending on the ingredients in the bath bomb, there may be circumstances where a dull ring is left behind on the tub. This is caused by a combination of oils and natural colors. As has already been mentioned, it’s generally nothing to be concerned about. The color that is left on the tub can be easily removed and therefore, shouldn’t really be considered as a ‘stain’.

You can reduce the likelihood of these ‘rings’ forming, by bathing in a thoroughly clean tub with only water and your bath bomb. Products, such as soap and shampoo, can create a layer on the tub, that colorants can form to. This means that you should save those body washes and expensive hair products for the shower!

How to clean your tub?

Any colors that are left behind after your bath should be wiped straight away, as well as rinsed. On most bath surfaces, a clean, damp cloth should be enough to wipe off any marks. The colors will build up on the bath surface more over time, so it’s advised that you clean after every use. Otherwise, you may have to more thoroughly clean with additional household cleaners.

Certain ingredients, such as natural pigments, can be more challenging to clean. By choosing bath bombs that are coloured with artificial colorants, you can reduce the chances of any marks being left on the tub. If you’re still concerned about staining your bathtub, you can always select bath bombs that are lightly colored or not colored at all.

Depending on the surface of your tub, there are some different methods of cleaning that are recommended.

Porcelain tubs

If you have a porcelain tub, then it’s recommended that you use a pumice scouring stick to clean after using a bath bomb. These are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store. To use, simply wet the stick and begin scouring.

Metal tubs

If you have an enamelled metal tub, it’s best to use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent. For enamelled metal tubs, always avoid using acidic cleaners like vinegar, or lemon juice. Abrasive cream cleansers and powders can be used, but you should always test on a very small area first – to check for any scratching. 

Final thoughts

After a long day’s grind at work, or an afternoon spent running around after the kids, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a warm and soothing bath. With the rising popularity of bath bombs, this has added a component of luxury and elegance to what was once just a ‘soak in the tub’.

The thought of staining your bathtub shouldn’t put you off enjoying the relaxing and detoxing benefits of a bathing with a bath bomb. As you’ve seen, if you spend just a little bit of time cleaning your bath’s surface after each use, the chance of any permanent marks being left on your bath are virtually nil. So, with that knowledge in mind, it’s time you ran yourself a hot bath and enjoyed soaking in the color and alluring scent of all that a bath bomb can provide.