do bath bomb stain clothes

Do Bath Bombs Stain Your Clothes?

After a long day of toiling, nothing beats the feeling you derive from soaking your exhausted body into a bathtub full of warm water. In fact, submerging your body into such water induces a sense of calmness, isolation from the rest of the world, comfort, and the necessary security that enables your body and mind to relax. What’s more, a warm bath helps in raising the temperature of your body, and as it cools down, melatonin is produced. This sleeping hormone allows you to sleep better. If you can get all that and many other benefits from a regular bath, imagine how bath bombs can redefine your bathing experience.

Bath Bombs are undeniably one of the popular ways of improving your bath. They come jam-packed with a mixture of dry ingredients that effervesce or rather fizz once they are in contact with water. The popularity of these balls, especially amongst young female adults, has grown tremendously ever since they were first made back in 1989. This is due to their pretty colors that make you feel like you’re bathing in paint, as well as their luxury aromas, ranging from floral to citrus and from concentrated to delicate.

Since most bath bombs are filled with dyes, it’s only right to be concerned about such ingredients staining your bathtub or even your clothes. However, before delving into that, you need first to understand what these balls are, what they are composed of, and not forgetting their benefits.

Why someone may concern about this

The clothes in question mostly include bathing suits or bikinis, which are used by people who prefer taking a bath outdoors, for example, in an outdoor Jacuzzi or pool. They want to know if bath bombs stain bikini. In more rare cases, people ask about usual clothes that can accidentally appear in bath or intentionally, for example when making a video or photo sessions.

What do manufacturers say?

According to Lush Cosmetics, there’s a certain likelihood that bath bombs can stain your clothes. Hence, the company advises those who feel concerned to keep their clothes off these products. They claim, however, not to have conducted any tests of their bath bombs with fabrics or clothing.

Source: @lushcosmetics

What do online reviews say?

One of the reviewers disputed the possibility of bath bombs staining clothes. However, the user recommends immediate rinsing after taking a bath to get rid of any residue. Consider this piece of advice, especially when using a product that has glitter. The good thing is that even after rinsing, your body will still smell the scent of your bath bomb.

Source: Yahoo Answers

In another review, a person claims to have bathed using a bath bomb with his friend. Impressively, they found no stains even after checking their bathing suits the following day. Hence, there’s no cause for alarm.

Source: Yahoo Answers

What are bath bombs made of?

In essence, bath bombs come hard-packed with a combination of several dry elements that not only fizz when dipped into water but also add a dash of fun, aroma, and color to your experience in the bathtub. But, away from all that, have you ever thought about what makes them deliver such delight when you drop them into your bathtub? Well, read on to find out.

Some of the essential components found in bath bombs include a bicarbonate base and an acid. These ingredients remain unreactive in their dry state. However, once they are in contact with water, bath bombs vigorously dissolve, leading to a fizzing and spinning effect that lasts for several minutes. While dissolving, most of them produce essential oil vapors or even fragrances and skin conditioning ingredients that make the whole bathing experience worthwhile.

Bear in mind that the ingredients found in bath bombs vary from one brand to the other. Nonetheless, most of them feature cosmetic dyes and scented ingredients to add color to the bathwater without staining the skin and impart a pleasant fragrance, respectively. What’s more, lathering ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, which enable the formation of foam and bubbles, are also added.

What components can stain your clothes?

The basic components of bath bombs are citric acid and baking soda.

One thing’s for sure, the baking soda will never stain your clothes or leave any unwanted marks. Actually, baking soda is a cleaning agent itself, which widely used in cleaning products, so it will rather cleanse your clothes than stain it.

On the other hand, citric acid features cleaning properties also, so that it even used in laundry to remove stubborn stains. Combining citric acid with borax powder, soap, and washing soda helps in keeping your clothes perfectly clean. So, this substance will not stain your clothes also.

Nevertheless, the same cannot be said for other bath bomb ingredients such as colors/dyes and oils. They pose a risk of staining your clothes, even though this is dependent on the clothes material and the type of dyes used. Bear in mind that natural dyes are unlikely to leave stains, whereas chemical colorants can do that. Also, clothing made from organic materials is less prone to stains, as compared to inorganic.

When bathing with bath bombs that have glitter, keep in mind that some of it will definitely stay on your clothes.

What you should do after bathing?

If you bathe using bath bombs that have glitter or even colorants, the best thing you can do to avoid stains is rinsing your clothing. You can also consider washing it to ensure that it’s clean.

Final thoughts

Despite all the good associated with using bath bombs, users still have concerns about them, such as leaving stains on their clothes and bathtub. Since the colorants used in bath bombs can stain your bathtub when left unwashed, there’s a slight possibility of staining your clothes too. However, the risk of that happening is low, as the dyes are considerably diluted by the large volume of water inside the tub.

Nonetheless, washing the stains away after bathing with bath bombs is recommended. This, however, seems like a small price to pay compared to the pleasure you get.