bath bomb jacuzzi hot tub

Can You Use Bath Bombs In A Jacuzzi Hot Tub?

A bath bomb is basically a ball of Epsom salt and other ingredients that fizzes when placed in water and releases sweet-scented flowers or aromatherapy oils. Some of them even come with glitter. Yes, you can literally bathe in glitter if you want! These have turned out to be quite the trending beauty product in the past few years. Just drop it in water and see it swirl, spreading color and the welcoming fragrance of essential oils, and leaving your skin feeling hydrated after the bath.

What’s not to love about them, right? But all said and done, how safe are those bathing bombs for using in Jacuzzi hot tubs? Let’s find out.

The problems of using bath bombs in the hot tub

No, bath bombs are absolutely not safe to be used in Jacuzzi hot tubs. For a couple of reasons, as mentioned below, bath bombs can be harmful to your pipes and tub.

The salt may not dissolve

Usually, all the salt present in bath bombs will not dissolve in the bath water. Some of the salt will end up clumping together. It will clog the drain and you will be left with a big mess to clean up.

Too much oil

All the fragrant essential oils meant to calm you down and soothe your senses can actually end up stressing you out when they solidify and clog up the drains. Think of the situation where you have the most relaxing bath ever, and then end up calling the plumber in panic just to get it drained when you are done.

The non-salt ingredients

It is not just the salt and the essential oils that can cause all the trouble in the bath tub. If your bath bomb has things like glitter or lavender flowers in it, then your troubles can compound even further. The petals of the flower will not drain that easily, and all the glitter can end up sticking to the sides of the pipes and tub. Get prepared for a lot of plumbing issues after this.

The damage to the jets

You surely adore your prized spa tub, and so, dropping a bath bomb in it would not be much of a good idea. All the oil, salt, and the added ingredients from the bath bomb will go inside the jet, and clog and damage it completely. Once that happens, you can bid a fond adieu to that beautiful spa tub.

Ways to safely use bath bombs in the hot tub

What to do if you adore bath bombs, and really want to use them? You can’t be blamed for it given how cute and attractive they look! Don’t worry, as you can still have a nice bath in the tub using them, if you follow the given ideas.

Place the bath bomb in a mesh bag

With the bath bombs filled with confetti, glitters, petals, and what not, in a bid to make them fancier by the day, you will have to find a way to contain all of that. While the wonderful additional materials make the tub look absolutely magical, they can turn out to be a horror for the jets. People who used these bombs, loaded with all those particles, have found that the Jacuzzi stopped working after about the third or fourth use.

So, in order to avoid the cost of buying or repairing a new bathtub, you need to wrap up the bath bombs in a fabric bag or a nylon stocking during each use. The particles will keep trapped but you will still get the fizz and the aroma of the essential oils.

Thoroughly clean the tub after use

Cleaning a Jacuzzi is a lot of work without the bath bombs to add to the trouble. Fizzy bath bombs will leave stains on the tub when left without cleaning after each use, and the glitters and oil build up to make the tub look unpleasant and distasteful to use. Besides the regular cleanup routine, you will have to be a little more methodical to remove all the stains from the tub.

Start with running a very hot bath mixed wish dishwashing soap. Make sure to use a soap that does not form bubbles and run it for thirty minutes to remove the oil left by bath bombs. Run another hot water bath after this, but this time you will have to fill the bath with two full cups of bleach to sanitize the jets.

Finally, run another bath for thirty minutes with cold water and nothing mixed in it.  You will have to repeat this cleaning process after two to three uses of bath bombs in the tub. Additionally, clean the jet using a scrubbing brush or a toothbrush to make sure there are no particles left inside it. It’s surely a lot of work, but that is the price you will have to pay for the hot tub and bath bombs.

Ditch those glitter bombs for good

It is better to ditch those glitter bombs for good, if you really want to use bath bombs. Some of the glitters are so small that even the fabric bag or nylon stocking cannot hold them up. Besides, these glitters do nothing for your skin and are usually put there only for the effect. So, ditch the idea of bathing in glitter if you want to save yourself from the additional hassle of cleaning the jets after every use.

If you feel that the cleaning, and the fear of having to call the plumber time and again is too much for you, then you can simply resort to using the bath bombs in shower. Place the bath bomb on the floor in a way that the water hits it directly. It will start the fizz and release the scents soon enough. Sure, you would not get the moisturizing benefits of it, or even see the pretty petals floating all around you, but you will be saved a lot of hassle this way.