bath bombs for kids

Being a blend of bath salts, colorants, and essential oils, bath bombs are fizzy spherical balls that are designed to pep up your bathing sessions. Their relaxing fragrance soothes you after a busy day and using them is equally simple.

The amount of essential oils, colorants, bath salts, and glitters going into a bath bomb depends on the manufacturer. Although most of them are completely organic without any side effects, often the question arises, whether they are safe for kids or not. Also, is there any DIY hacks to make your own bath bombs for kids? We’ll explore the answers to these questions in this post.

Are they safe for children?

While most bath bombs are safe for kids, you should still take a close look at the ingredients before getting it for your little one. Since your child’s skin is extremely thin, avoid getting products that have sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). As SLS causes skin irritation when used in high concentrations or too often, it is best to avoid it completely, especially if your kid has open wound, eczema or other skin condition.

That said, you can, however, choose bath bombs that contain sodium laureth sulfate or SLES. Commonly found in baby products, this ingredient is much safer than SLS. SLES based bath bombs have properties similar to baby soap. But even then, it is better to consult your pediatrician before using these products, because SLES may be irritating to eyes and lungs. 

Good bath bomb for your kid will be the one that comes with essential oils. These oils exude a relaxing fragrance that soothes your baby and calms them better. However, essential oils are not recommended for toddlers under 3 month. For babies over 3 month, make sure to use the diluted essential oils. This will be completely safe and even salubrious for your little one.

The recommended dosage of essential oil  for kids is 2 to 4 drops, but apparently it is not easy to determine how much of it the bath bomb contains.  If your kid is bathing in a big tub, try using only a small piece of the bomb. Also, make sure that your child doesn’t accidentally end up drinking the bath water, though sucking a bit of it from the finger should not harm her.

Usually, most of the bath bombs that are designed for babies are safe for your kid. But if you’re looking to maintain the higher degree of safety, it is best to make a DIY bath bomb where you can control all the ingredients.

When you shop for over-the-counter bath bombs, you will notice that the bath bombs from some companies are completely organic. This can be a great choice for your kid. Also, while making your pick, do ensure that the bomb doesn’t come with any synthetic fragrances. While small doses of essential oils are acceptable, talcum powder or any other synthetic substances can be detrimental for your children.

In addition to talcum powder, you should also avoid bath bombs with mineral oil and any other unspecified fragrances. Also note that low doses of sulfates in the bath bomb wouldn’t harm your child. Since toddlers under 3 months can be adversely affected by the ingredients of most bath bombs, it is best to avoid using bath bombs for them and use baby soap instead.

Best bath bombs for kids

If you want your kids to use bath bombs, but are absolutely baffled while making a pick, here’s a list of the top bath bombs designed for your little ones. Each of these products have been tested for safety and they are completely safe and organic.

Tubby Todd Bath Bomb Bundle

Tubby Todd Bath Bomb Bundle

If you’re looking to get fragrant, side-effect free bath bombs, these products from Tubby Todd will surely make the cut. Made in USA, these bath bombs are crafted from completely natural, plant-based elements. The set comes with three different scents, namely: Coconut Swirl, California Sunset, and Cupcake Beach. These bath bombs are perfectly gentle on your kid’s skin, and their natural fragrance will linger through your entire bathroom.

Scentsy Jammy Time Bath Bomb

Scentsy Jammy Time Bath Bomb

Fizzy, fragrant and yet completely safe, the Scentsy Bath Bomb is a top favourite among many parents. Simply toss the bomb to your child’s bathtub and they’ll soon enjoy every bit of bathing. The defining aspect of this product is the fact that it is completely safe despite being mildly fragrant. The fragrance features a powerful mix of sweet pea, lavender, and freesia. Perfect for the pre-bedtime bath, these bath bombs will surely soothe your child.

LOL Surprise Bath Bomb

LOL Surprise Bath Bombs

Do your children enjoy collecting LOL surprise balls? In case they do, they will absolutely love these bath bombs. Featuring a beautiful smell, the LOL surprise ball lives up to its name by offering new surprises at every single layer. Some of these surprises include cute stickers, a swanky charms, and a pretty tattoos. The product, despite smelling awesome is organic and completely safe for your kid’s skin.

Rocket Science Bath Bomb

Rocket Science Bath Bomb

If you’re looking to offer a cool and unconventional experience to your child, the Lush Rocket Science Bath Bomb will surely meet your needs. Kids enjoy zooming it all around, as it slowly dissolves in warm water. Carrying a fragrance of lemon and bergamot, the rocket bomb leaves yellow and pink trail behind itself. Using such bath bombs is fun, and they are also completely safe for your children.

Monster Bath Bomb

Monster Bath Bomb

Yet another fun and interactive bath bomb from Lush company, the monster bomb leaves a blue and pink trail everywhere it moves in the water. In fact, it is so pretty and unique that you’ll find your kids fighting over who gets to use it first. The best feature of this product, however, is the fact that it comes with a scent of neroli and lime. So, whether you use it before bedtime or in the mornings, this bath bomb will surely give energy to your kids.

Kids detox bath bombs

Kids are never silent. They always have plenty of things to say and do. Unfortunately, extensive exposure outside the house can make way for toxic accumulation on their skin. And this is exactly why you should try a baths with detox bath bombs for your children.

These baths will not just clear the toxins from their system but will also boost their immunity by absorbing sulphate and magnesium. And the best part: these baths also aid in the consistent and uninterrupted sleep of your child.

Detox bath bombs can also be used for treating your kid’s cold and to cool their bodies when fever strikes them. They will draw out the dangerous toxins from their system, allowing them to relax better, as well as help in reducing pain and inflammation, and improving emotional health.

Like we already mentioned, the store-bought bath bombs may be laden with dyes and artificial ingredients. So, instead of buying them, you can make your very own DIY detox bath bombs. Crafted from natural ingredients, these bombs will be completely safe for health.

While making these bath bombs, use the highest grade of ingredients. This will make sure that the detox bathing session is completely effective for your child. Since you’re using these bombs to rid your kids of toxin, it is always best to avoid artificial fragrances.

Unlike products from leading brands, homemade detox bath bombs are safe and comfortably treat the toxic accumulation on your child’s body during the bathing. What’s more, they can also neutralize the level of chlorine and chloramine in your water.

Infusing your child’s skin with a complete spectrum of curative and organic minerals, these bombs leave your child feeling relaxed, refreshed and soothed. So, whether it’s the tension from their homework, or any other problem – using these bath bombs will keep your child stress free, relaxed and happy.

When your kids are bathing with detox bath bombs, make sure they spend at least 40 minutes in the tub. While the first 20 minutes will help in removing toxins out of their body, the next 20 minutes will allow them to soak in beneficial minerals through their skin.

Kids safe bath bomb recipe

Making a kid safe bath bomb is extremely simple when you follow the right recipe. Here’s the ingredients you need.

Baking soda (1 cup) – this is the primary ingredient for any bath bomb recipe.

Citric acid (1/3 cup) – since citric acid is deemed to be a safe ingredient, it is often added to juices, candies, and the different sauces eaten by kids. Since this ingredient is extensively used in your child’s food, they are extremely safe. A standard bath bomb recipe will require half a cup of citric acid. However, when you’re making one for your kid, barely 1/3 cup will be enough. Reducing the citric acid will not just make the bath bomb gentle, but it’ll also reduce the fizzing action. Certain kids can get scared when they see their bath bombs do their fizzing action. So, when you reduce the amount of citric acid, it’ll make the bomb less intimidating for your little one.

Cornstarch (3 tbsp) and melted coconut oil (1 tbsp) – the double action of the cornstarch and coconut oil will make the bath water soft, thereby leaving your kid’s skin soft and perfectly moisturized. While you can always substitute coconut oil with other options, avoid using almond oil due to potential nut allergies.

Natural food colorant or water-soluble soap dye – these are required because kids love bright colors very much.

Essential oils – if you’re looking to develop a good bath bomb for kids, essential oils like chamomile or lavender are great options. They don’t just relax your child, but also aid in better sleep. You should avoid strong essential oils, such as rosemary or eucalyptus. Also, while you start adding the oils, make sure you dilute them well. This can be easily done by mixing your oil with a carrier oil like grapeseed or coconut. The exact amount of the essential oils you’ll use will depend on the age of your kids and the bathtub size.

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Choosing molds for kids’ bath bombs

In general, when making bath bombs for toddlers, it is always better to use small round molds. Too much fizz and colors can make them scared. For bigger children, you can try getting bigger molds, since more fizz and bright colours will make more fun.

Although kids are fond of interesting shapes of their bath bombs, we would suggest you to avoid choosing products that have intricate design, for example flowers or bugs, since small details may be dangerous for kids. Round bath bomb molds are the safest and easiest to handle.

Making DIY bath bombs with kids

Making a DIY bath bomb with your child can be both fun and interactive. But while you do that, take extra caution so that your child doesn’t dissipate any of the ingredients you’re using. Also, make sure that both of you wear gloves. This will keep you safe and prevent any potential arm skin problems. You should also keep an eye on your kids during the process to make sure that the ingredients don’t get into their eyes or mouth.

If you’re using simple recipe with natural ingredients, making DIY bath bombs with your kids will be easy. Most of them can do this with minor supervision.

While certain homemade soap recipes require precise measurement and use of harmful chemicals, bath bombs are safe, natural and easy to do, so they are a great project to entertain your children. Let them customize your product by picking colors and scents. This will make your craft project even more interesting.

Bottom line

Considering all the aforementioned, bath bombs are safe for kids, however, you definitely should not overuse them.

Since kids do not always love the idea of taking baths, using bath bombs can make your life easier. You can also put them into your loot bags for birthday parties or similar other events. Additionally, these bath bombs can be a great alternative for Halloween treats. At the end of the day, they are a fun gift idea as well as a perfect surprise for your children.

Ensure proper caution when you’re using bath bombs for your toddlers. If you purchase over-the-counter bombs, make sure they are crafted from natural ingredients without any chemicals and synthetic fragrances. For maximum confidence, you can also make your own bath bombs at home only with organic substances.