bath bomb molds

The Best Bath Bomb Molds

One of the foremost things that you need to create the perfect bath bomb is a bath bomb mold. The different sizes, shapes, and types of bath bomb molds make it really easy to make the bath bombs. Regardless of how good your bath bomb recipe is, it can fall flat if you do not use the right molds for the purpose. You do not want all the hard work to go in vain because of choosing the wrong mold. So, take a look at the tips to select the ideal mold.

Tips for choosing the perfect mold

The simpler design you can avail, the better it is for you. You will get many molds in the market that are available in various sizes and shapes. The more intricate shapes that you avail, the higher are the chances of the bombs ending up as a crumbled mess. The best options are the round clear molds, because the sturdy and simple design lets you make beautiful and perfectly made bath bombs.

A mold typically has two parts, bottom and top. It lets you make each part different, and you can simply de-mold and mold the bath bombs. It lets your designs look more professional, and the recipients will be happy to see the extent of efforts that you have put into the product or gift.


A couple of simple rules need to be followed, when it comes to bath bomb molds. They lose their attractiveness, when you make them really small. They tend to crack and lose their shape, when you make them too big. It’s hard for the material to hold the shape, when the bath bombs are large. I recommend to opt for medium sized bath bomb molds.


The most effective and easiest way of making an amazing bath bomb is to opt for a unique bath bomb mold. The bath bombs do not necessarily need to be round and you can give them any shape that you like. For instance, candy-shaped bombs for the Christmas, heart-shaped for the Valentine’s Day, egg-shaped for Easter, and so on.

However, the more complicated and intricate the design and the shape is, the more difficult it will be to hold its shape, when you take it out of the mold.


The metal bath bomb molds are generally made of stainless steel or aluminum. These have two parts, namely, the bottom and the top part.

Stainless steel

Using stainless steel bath bombs is really easy. You can just fill both parts with the ingredients and press for a few minutes to fuse the ingredients into a ball. These bath bomb molds are really long-lasting and you can be assured that these will never have cracks or break. They are also easy to maintain.


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting


  • A costly option
  • Only round shapes available


Aluminum molds are cheaper and not as smooth as the stainless steel ones. This can make the bath bombs stick to the molds and not getting even surfaces. In fact, the bath bombs can even crumble while taking them out. These molds might get dents if you drop them.


  • Less expensive than stainless steel
  • Easy to clean


  • Only round shapes available
  • Might get dents
  • Not smooth


Plastic molds are another popular kind of bath bomb molds. These are not as durable, but also, cheaper than the metal ones. These bath bomb molds are easy to use, as they do not bend like the silicone molds. Thus, these are ideal for beginners.


  • Cheap
  • Simple to use


  • Fragile
  • Only round shape


Silicone molds are fragile and cheap as plastic, but the main benefit is the different types of shapes that are available. You can get these in the form of flowers, animals, snowflakes, and even grenade, mermaid tail or cupcake.

The downside is that these need practice and are difficult to use. Since silicone molds are flexible, you will need to be really patient, when packing the ingredients into the mold. Also, it may be a problem to take the bath bombs out of the molds, because even that needs practice. It is best to be used by experienced professionals.


  • Cheap
  • Multiple shapes


  • The shape of bath bomb can be distorted due to the flexibility
  • Not easy to use and clean
  • Can tear or crack if handled roughly

The right material to choose

If you want a cheap option as a beginner, then the plastic bath bomb molds can be the right option. However, if you have been making bath bombs for a long time, then you should buy a good quality mold set made of metal. Silicone molds are best suited for experienced makers who want to try quirky and new shapes.

If you love the wonderful feeling and fizziness of using bath bombs and want to make them at home, these bath bomb molds can help you prepare customized bath bombs with your special ingredients in them.  

This bath bomb mold set includes a set of 3 different sized molds so if you are making customized bath bombs at a time; then this is a good choice. These molds are composed of highest quality stainless steel meaning they will never dent, bend, or rust, allowing you to create professional sphere bath bombs.

Outstanding features:

  • Composed of 304 food grade stainless steel allowing you to mold food as well such as mousse, cheese, chocolate, jello, and more
  • Comes in three dimensions – Large, Medium, and Small allowing you to customize bath bombs according to your bathtub or Mani Pedi basin
  • Perfectly rounded shapes with a polished finish for hassle-free use

What customers say:

People who bought this bath bomb molds have praised its sturdy built and ease of use. The buyers have stated that these molds are way better than the plastic ones and don’t contaminate their herbal creations like the aluminum or lead molds.


  • Comes in multiple sizes allowing you to make small-to-large-sized bath bombs
  • Durable stainless steel molds that are food grade material
  • Comes with an e-book that includes instructions and recipes for beginners 


  • Removal of ready bath bombs might be tricky

Final verdict

If you regularly make a bath bombs, then Healthy Home Helper bath bomb molds are a great investment. These elegant yet straightforward molds will suit everyone from beginners to professionals. 

This beautiful set contains two aluminum bath bomb molds (4 pieces). You will especially love these molds, as they are easy to clean with just soap and water. The best part, the bath bombs come out very easily, thanks to the polished finish. This is an excellent mold set for beginners who are just getting starting with bath bombs.  

Outstanding features:

  • Made of durable aluminum metal with superior quality
  • The ideal size of the molds allows you to make perfect sphere bath bombs
  • The new slick surface makes it easy for you to remove the ready bath bombs. The flat top and bottom ensures that the mixture won’t stick to it

What customers say:

Although feedback on this product is mostly positive, buyers have noted that the aluminum metal used is not food grade. This refrains them from using the molds to mold food. Overall, they have no issues with the product as it does what it is designed for – make perfect bath bombs.


  • Composed of incredibly durable aluminum metal
  • High-quality finish and sleek surface allows for easy removal of the finished product


  • You will find that the mixture takes a bit longer to dry

Final verdict

If you love the idea of making unique spherical bath bombs to enjoy a soothing bubble bath after a hectic day, then you should get this bath bomb mold from The Bath Company. These molds will allow you to customize your bath bombs with colors, different ingredients, and your favorite fragrances.

These plastic bath bomb molds are some of the easiest molds to use because they don’t twist or turn like silicone molds, making them perfect for beginners. This value set is excellent as you get 15 incredible bath bomb molds allowing you to prepare a large batch at once. These molds are easy to use, and you can remove the finished product even when it is freshly made.

Outstanding features:

  • Quality plastic material and smoothened surface allows you to carefully unmold the bath bombs even when they are still fresh
  • The value pack of 15 molds enables you to prepare a larger batch
  • The molds are not too small and not too big, making them ideal for making bath bombs for any bathtub size or Mani Pedi basin
  • The molds are easy to clean 

What customers say:

The customers are happy with the product as it allows them to enjoy a fun bath bomb making session with their whole family thanks to the incredible value pack of 15 molds. However, there have been complaints regarding the quality of the plastic used.


  • The package contains 15 round plastic molds with the size of a golf ball
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Low-grade plastic quality

Final verdict

The set includes 15 plastic molds that allow you to make golf-sized bath bombs. This set is a great value for money; however, not meant for professionals because of the low-quality plastic used. 

If you are a professional and know your way around making bath bombs, then this flower-shaped silicone bath bombs from Warmbuy will give you plenty of options. This set of two bath bomb molds are composed of food-grade silicone, so you can potentially use these molds for experimenting with your food recipes.

Outstanding features:

  • Composed of food-grade silicone material
  • Dishwasher safe, highly durable, and re-usable
  • Beautiful floral designs allow for making some incredible bath bombs for a rejuvenating bath time 
  • Heat resistant up to 230° C
  • Ideal for making bath bombs, soaps, crayons, including cookies, cake, pudding, chocolates, and other treats

What customers say:

These are the professional-grade bath bomb molds that are typically smaller than your regular bath bomb molds. Most customers did find these silicone molds helpful; however, due to silicone’s very nature of being bendable and flexible, buyers had trouble packing in the bath bomb into the mold. Patience is the key when using this silicone mold, and this is why it is recommended for professionals.


  • Non-stick
  • Flexible
  • Food-grade silicone material
  • Easy to release
  • Heat resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multiple functionalities – can be used for preparing food as well


  • Difficult to handle

Final verdict

If you are a bath bomb seller or love the idea of making beautiful designer cookies and treats for your loved ones, then these flower-shaped silicone bath bomb molds are an excellent choice to invest in. 

Alternative bath bomb molds

Several household items can also be used as molds for making bath bombs. But you need to ensure that they are good to use before thinking about mass production.

The following are the common household utensils that you can use instead of bath bomb molds.

Muffin tins: You can do pretty bath bombs with muffin tins. They come in different sizes, so you can choose the best for you.

Ice cube trays: ​These can be found in every house and are easy to use. You can make at least a dozen bath bombs at a time.

Measuring spoons: ​Measuring spoons can also be used to create small bath bombs. Fill up the spoon with the ingredients and compress them with your finger. Hit the back of the spoon and use your hand to get the bath bomb out, once it dries.

Cookie cutters: Cookie cutters also act as great bath bomb molds. Put the mix in the cookie cutter and smoothen it. Let it set for a few hours and then remove it from the cookie cutter. The best part is that you can make variety of sizes and shapes using cookie cutters.

If you want to start a bath bomb making business, you can consider using a bath bomb press, instead of molds, but this device is a subject for another review.