bath bomb in use

11 Reasons You Should Consider Using Bath Bombs

There are two kinds of baths. One is functional and will get you clean. The other is to give you luxury and an experience of a lifetime. Bathing with a luxurious bath bomb is always great. Aside from this great feeling, there are other reasons to try bath bombs. Here they are:

1. Bath bombs are good for your skin

A bath bomb will add softeners and emollients to your bathing water, thereby moisturizing and indulging your skin.  The skin-beneficial ingredients in a bath bomb will leave your skin soft, silky and supple irrespective of the nature of your skin. Bath bombs have the power in cleansing your skin while the ingredients they contain will help soothe and pamper it. If you want your skin to feel youthful, velvety and sinuous, then bath bomb is a must for you.

2. They are vegan-friendly

There are no artificial ingredients in bath bombs. Other bath products depend on chemicals for their manufacture. But it is not the case with bath bombs as they hundred percent natural and chemical-free. With the natural composition of bath bombs, there are no side effects on your skin when you use them. They do not contain harsh irritants that can be harmful to sensitive skin. Instead, they are skin protective with excellent skin softening and calming properties.

3. Bath bombs create a luxurious atmosphere

Bath bombs help in creating an atmosphere of opulence and luxury even without using in a bathtub. But if you drop one (no matter how little it might be) in your bathtub, you will see a breathtaking change in the atmosphere of your bathroom and home.  Just a drop of one in your bath will give a relaxing and amazing bath experience.  It releases sweet scents and aroma that will want to keep you in the bathroom for an extended period. Bath bombs are balls of wonders that effervesce cool odors and turn a regular bath into a beautiful and pleasurable experience. No one will ignore the sweet savor from bath bombs. Immediately you drop them off into the water, they release wonderful scents and substances beneficial to your skin. If you want to experience wonder in transforming your bath into a fantastic spa, then try bath bombs. You will love the great transformation they bring.

4. Bath bombs have healing capacity

Do you know bath bombs are so powerful that they possess incredible healing properties? Yes, they do. Remember, bath bombs contain natural ingredients. Two of the natural ingredients they contain are Citric acid and Sodium Bicarbonate. The combination of these two ingredients will produce a sizzling sensation that they are known for. Above that, bath bombs have the power to cleanse, repair and deodorize your skin. They can also strengthen blood vessels in the human body, thereby giving you younger looking and healthier skin. When you use bath bombs, you will have glowing and healthy skin.

5. They nourish your skin

Bath bombs come with different essential oils. When you add these oils to your bath, they help in nourishing your skin.  Bath bombs help in making your skin soft. Some of the common oils in bath bombs that are therapeutic to your skin include eucalyptus essential oil and lavender oil. Cocoa butter also moisturizes the skin. You can add it to your recipe if you make your own bath bomb. Grape seed oil is excellent at treating inflammation of your skin. Depending on your choice and the type of bath bomb you do, there are many essential oils you can add in nourishing your skin.

6. They help in rehydrating your skin

The human skin is a good absorbent. It absorbs the moisture produced by the essential oils in the bath bomb, when you soak it in your bathtub. This moisture goes straight into your skin and rehydrates it thoroughly. This rehydration from bath bombs is better and more effective than that gotten from the use of skin lotion.

7. Bath bombs are therapeutic

Since essential oils are therapeutic and they form a significant ingredient in bath bombs, they induce the therapeutic effects into bath bombs. These essential oils act like aromatherapy. The different scents they produce can alter your mood and make you feel better.

A good example is a fizzle that is generated by peppermint essential oil. It helps in soothing your muscles and keeps you in a relaxed mood. Bath bombs with peppermint are ideal for relaxation.  

Citrus oil in a bath bomb fills you with energy, that will make you kick-start your day’s activities without any hassle. Eucalyptus oil will give you relief from flu and cold.

8. Skin softening  

They make your skin soft and silky with a lovely aroma. The baking soda that is contained in bath bombs is good at smoothening the human skin, cleaning the body and serves as a good deodorant.

9. Daily cleansing of the body from contamination

Daily, we come in contact with substances and objects, that can cause sicknesses and diseases in our body. What bath bombs do is clean your skin and body totally from any possible contaminations.

10. They help to strengthen the body

Bath bombs contain citric acid. Citric acid is an organic acid produced from citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges. It is also an excellent anti-oxidant and is useful in reducing the effects of aging. It strengthens the body, repairs the skin and strengthens blood vessels. When you use bath bombs, you are not just strengthening your body, but you are loosening the spoilt layers of skins, thereby giving you healthy and younger skin.

11. Relaxation

You can relax and pamper yourself with the use of bath bombs. Olive oil has many fatty acids that help in restoring the balance of oil in your skin. This protects and relaxes your skin.

Bath bombs are not just the fun and colorful bathing experience. They are beneficial for your health, have different therapeutic properties and can help you either relax or energize.